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Contraception is as old as humankind. Whether rich or poor, young or old, women in all cultures have tried to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancies and to enjoy their sexuality without obstacles.

Many contraceptive methods have their roots back in time. The earliest mention of a contraceptive method is found in the Bible! "Coitus interruptus" is mentioned in the story of Judah and Tamar in the Book of Genesis, chapter 38. A method that is still used today!

Around 1850 BC, upper class women in Ancient Egypt put various substances in their vaginas to block or even kill sperm. They used crocodile dung pessaries, various gums and even a mixture of honey and sodium carbonate for this purpose.

In Ancient Greece, Aristotle described how to make the womb inhospitable to sperm by using different sorts of oil or frankincense. Further methods were juniper berries on the penis or a copper sulfate drink. The Greeks also practiced the rhythm method - avoiding intercourse at the woman's fertile time of the month.

Islamic doctors of the 14th century recommended the use of rock salt, tar, onion juice and oil of balsam on the penis, or tampons tinctured with pomegranate pulp for women.

In Eastern Europe, half a lemon squeezed out served as a diaphragm, the citric acid acting as a spermicide.

Condoms date back to Egyptian times, when male sheaths were made out of animal intestine. In 1504, Fallopius, an Italian anatomist, developed a linen condom. Casanova, the famous Italian seducer, used linen condoms in the 18th century. Rubber condoms became available in 1880. In the 1930s, condom technology improved with the arrival of latex.

The first IUD (coil) was used in Germany, made of silkworm thread and silver rings.

Intravaginal contraceptive products have been available for more than 70 years.

During the 1950s, scientists developed synthetic hormones which could block ovulation. The world's first contraceptive pill was approved by the US Food & Drug Administration in 1960.

This brief look at the history of contraception in different cultures clearly shows that it has never before been so easy and uncomplicated to protect yourself from an unwanted pregnancy. Today you can enjoy making love without the fear of unwanted pregnancy.

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